Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s family are officially launching a charitable foundation in her name to mark what would have been the singer’s 28th birthday.

Her duet with Tony Bennett will also be released to help raise money for the new Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Her father, Mitch, said he wants the money to go to causes that were close to her heart.

Watch more about Amy, click on the link below
David Sillito reports.

Amy was found dead in her apartment in Camden Square, London, England on 23 July. Allegedly, her death caused by overdose. Since the last few months, Amy kept trying to fight her addiction to illegal drugs.

Autopsies have been carried out and Amy’s body had been returned to her family. Toxicology results are expected to be announced within two to four weeks. Amy Winehouse’s cause of death will be announced on 26 October.

@reallyrolly true, I saw that video with the mice, and she loved and begged him even in that condition with her boyfriend by her at that time. it was REAL love from her side.. and that’s why she couldn’t get out of her addictions and depression. she was a sensitive and tortured soul, too good for this place, that’s why she went back to the light as an angel


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