Elections In Tunisia

Tunisian prime minester speeks in USA

click to listen to the Interview Politique M. Ben Jaafar

Après des études secondaires au Collège Sadiki, de 1950 à 1956, il rejoint quelques années plus tard le Néo-Destour, parti au pouvoir ; il milite également au sein de l’Union générale des étudiants tunisiens alors qu’il étudie la médecine en France et ce jusqu’en 1968.

Tunisiens en Allemagne

Mr Khanfir, a sales manager at IBM in Stuttgart, has created TuniVote, a project he put together with the help of his friends. The service, which gages the overall compatibility of voters and parties, is not meant to tell voters which party to vote for, said Khanfir.

“We saw the impact of the Wahl-O-Mat and the advantages it had in Germany, and we just thought: ‘Why not use it here too? Almost half of our country is online, and we have a relatively young population, so we have good reason to believe this will be a successful tool.”

Read story : German program helps


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