Christmas Day Is Coming…

christmas musicTuesday, November 29, 2011

Calexico straddle that line between country and pop so well it truly is a wonder that they have been more widely feted. In 2000 they’ve gave us yet another reason to love them when they offered a Christmas song for the charity album ‘It’s A Cool, Cool Christmas’. The slow march of ‘Gift X-Change’ was a departure from the well travelled road of the traditional festive tune and while it’s cerebral approach might not have been to everyone’s taste it nonetheless offered a nice alternative to the usual December fare.

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Watch the conference : About space

The Chandra X-ray Observatory is part of NASA’s fleet of “Great Observatories” along with the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitizer Space Telescope and the now deorbited Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. Chandra allows scientists from around the world to obtain X-ray images of exotic environments to help understand the structure and evolution of the universe. The Chandra X-ray Observatory program is managed by NASA’s Marshall Center for the Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Countryside vs Big City

Japan - Farming Scene

Image by roger4336 via Flickr

More people from the city want a rural life

In the morning during the rush hour when I’m getting off the train, the way people behave, they are almost inhuman

If you live in the city you don’t know who lives next door. But in the countryside you greet your neighbours. I’ve realised I like people

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Art..How Wonderful!

Crop circle in Switzerland

Image via Wikipedia

Watch and wonder : Truth about crop circles.


So, who is Foster Gamble and where did he get the big money to produce „Thrive“? Does the name „Gamble“ ring a bell? How about the name Proctor & Gamble? For those who have never heard of Proctor & Gamble, it is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation. It is one of the worlds biggest, most toxic corporate polluters on the face of the earth with an annual turnover of over $68 billion. Is Foster Gamble any relation to Proctor and Gamble? You betcha!Foster Gamble, the creator/host/co-writer/producer of „Thrive“ is an heir and direct descendent of James Gamble of Procter and Gamble. This privileged movie producer was a Princeton frat boy and his partner is a former journalist for Newsweek International which merged with The Daily Beast in November 2010.

Thanksgiving Holiday

Dear Friends,

My new hardcover Hotel Vendôme goes on sale this month, and I’m very excited about it. It’s a book both men and women can enjoy, about the life and times of a New York hotel, and the man who owns and runs it. He’s the single father of an enchanting little girl, who grows up at the hotel, with all its excitement, mystery, and magic. Hotels and the people who visit them are fascinating, and the behind-the-scenes intrigues even more so! I love this book, and hope you will too and have fun with it.

November also brings us the Thanksgiving holiday, cherished by so many. Traditionally, it’s a time for families to get together and enjoy good meals and good times. Those of us who do not have the opportunity to be with our families may gather around the Thanksgiving table with friends who are dear to us. Sometimes even that can’t happen—I’ve had some years like that too, many of us have—and on those occasions, it is meaningful to do what we can for others, and to be grateful for the blessings we do have. It is a time to take stock and be thankful, to reach out to those who are less fortunate or lonely or solitary. It is a time for gratitude and giving. Whatever you do, and however you spend the holiday, I hope that it is peaceful, satisfying, and a warm moment for you.


Second Language!


Sign language as well as 14 other languages would soon become a part of Australia‘s National Curriculum.

This development is the result of the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority’s (ACARA) issuance of a final paper which aims to have primary students spend 5 per cent of total teaching time learning another language. By the time Australian students reach years 7 and 8, the amount of time spent on learning a second language would go up to 8 percent.

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Flight Similator

Cockpit of a twinjet flight simulator. Indisti...

Image via Wikipedia

ProFlightSimulator is now lighting the world on fire. Used on television episodes, used by professional flight schools, this is the software to own if you are serious about flying! This software is actually being used part of real flight simulators being built by enthusiasts. It does not get more serious than this. Use it as a game, use it as a head start to train to be a pilot…

ProFlightSimulator works on all computers. It is fast and simple to download, install and update. ProFlightSimulator has fast become the most popular flight simulator downloads in the market. For a limited time, they are offering a $50 discount. I would get it now before they rise their prices again!

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Développeurs Mobile

SmartPhone BlackBerry 8707v Vodafone

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A la recherche de développeurs tunisiens

Le mercredi 23 novembre dernier, le premier Tunisiana Tapp’s Day (Tunisiana Applications Days) s’est déroulé à l’INSAT. Des invités venus spécialement de RIM (fabriquant de BlackBerry) pour y participer pour parler des terminaux BB. Parallèlement, Tunisiana a donné le coup d’envoi au concours national de développement d’applications sur l’OS Blackberry. a Interviewé Selim Hcheychi (responsable SIM et Handset) pour nous parlé davantage des TAPP’s Day et de ce concours national.

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Science-Body and Mind

Is stress triggered by your genes or by your lifestyle? Help us investigate the causes of stress, and get personalised tips for improving your mental wellbeing.

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OWS Journal

A volunteer group runs the paper at a secret location. Among them, Levitin, a former freelance reporter for Newsweek, the LA Times and the Associated Press

“It was essential to get something into people’s hands that they could pass, share, distribute. It was a tactile visual not embodiment, but representation of what’s happening in the square, that isn’t being told by the mainstream media,” he said.

The newspaper, as well as the revolution, were inspired by the Arab Spring.

“This is fundamentally an outgrowth of events that happened in North Africa in the Arab-speaking world this year. 2011 has been an incredible year,” said Michael Levitin.

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Occupied Wall Street Journal