OWS Journal

A volunteer group runs the paper at a secret location. Among them, Levitin, a former freelance reporter for Newsweek, the LA Times and the Associated Press

“It was essential to get something into people’s hands that they could pass, share, distribute. It was a tactile visual not embodiment, but representation of what’s happening in the square, that isn’t being told by the mainstream media,” he said.

The newspaper, as well as the revolution, were inspired by the Arab Spring.

“This is fundamentally an outgrowth of events that happened in North Africa in the Arab-speaking world this year. 2011 has been an incredible year,” said Michael Levitin.

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Occupied Wall Street Journal


14 thoughts on “OWS Journal

  1. Sayeed O. Salahdeen October 16, 2011, 14:27 0
    Re-circulative distribution of U.S. Taxpayers’ wealth = Occupation Wall Street

    The treasury of the American Taxpayers continues to be looted by the rich & powerful in America and Europe. The U.S. Taxpayers are dissatisfied with the Democratic and Republican Parties. The rich elite have short historical memories in understanding that power is psychological with no concrete pillars. When the masses are upset and lose faith in the rule of exploitative law, all systems call fail.

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