One World One Promise Song

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Hi…..i’m an  italian scout….this is a beautiful song……we too have 2 songs  for the 100 years……”cento anni un sogno”(100 years 1 dream)…and “un mondo una promessa” (1 world 1 promise)…..they are on youtube……sorry…my english is horrible….

bye bye……ciao a tutti gli scout del mondo dall’italia……my name is jacopo

Dear scouts and guides
You have just received the first information kit from Jamboree Denmark 2012. We are very
proud to introduce you to the many possibilities at the jamboree; we can hardly
wait to see you next summer.
The jamboree is being organised by a large staff of skilled volunteers
from the five Danish scout and guide associations. They have already
worked for almost a year to give you what is probably your largest
camp experience ever. They work with all kinds of tasks from the
toilet facilities to the huge opening show where you will get the
first opportunity to meet all the other 35,000 scouts and guides
visiting Holstebro from 21 to 29 July 2012.
We hope that you will follow the development of the jamboree
preparations at our website at You
can also add your own comments and share your personal
preparations at our Facebook page.
We are convinced that Jamboree Denmark 2012 will be a lifetime experience and
also a huge boost for Scouting and Guiding in Denmark. That is the reason why we have
agreed to be Jamboree Chiefs. We hope that you and your scouts or guides will feel the
same way and have already booked the last weeks of July 2012 – or intend to do so.
See you at Jamboree Denmark 2012.
Miriam Madsen and Erling Birkbak
Jamboree Chiefs

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