Michael Jackson’s brother and sister Tito and La Toya and his children Prince Michael, Prince Michael II and Paris among those on stage

It was difficult not to be humbled by the atmosphere backstage at Michael Forever.

Motown legends and global pop superstars alike reflected on the huge contribution Michael Jackson made to them as individuals as well as generations of fans around the world.

For some Saturday’s concert at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff was an opportunity to remember the good times, the personal moments they had spent with the star, who died aged 50 in 2009.

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He grew up around me and I saw him develop into a man who inspired generations of people and musicians”

Smokey Robinson

Motown legend Gladys Knight told me how she remembered Michael as a child, when he would visit the recording studio with his brothers in the Jackson 5 to watch her rehearse with her backing group, the Pips.

“He was my baby,” she recalled. “Michael must have been, what, six years old when I first met him.

Wonderful movements and actually entertaining.


Michael and Janet Jackson’s nephew Austin Brown, who is Rebbie’s son, is ready to unleash his solo career on us and it sounds so very good! It actually sounds like the early beats of the Jackson 5. We look forward to hearing more from him. Oh, and he’s easy on the eyes.

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