Social TV

Social TV extends the experience of content with social networks across a new constellation of devices and platforms. Discover how entrepreneurs are accelerating the migration of TV from an isolated, a social single-screen experience to an increasingly interactive and social consumer experience while increasing values for advertisers.

Internet and mobile applications have made the world more social than ever before and TV is going through the same social transformation. The 2011 Superbowl is also known as the “Social Bowl”. Estimate is that two-thirds of the Superbowl viewers between 18~35 used a smart-phone to interact with the Ads.

While some say Connected-TV is the way of the future, others claim it’s destined for slow adoption. Connected-TV alone will not achieve the social experience consumers are seeking. Social TV seamlessly integrates content and social activities across TV, web, and mobile devices.

Come see how entrepreneurs are creating new breeds of applications offering creative ways to enhance user experience and attempting to monetize in the world of television entertainment.


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