iPad 1, 2, & 3 Comparison!

US nonprofit product testing group Consumer Reports reported that the new-generation  with its more powerful processor hit temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit, particularly when running videogames.

“It does run warmer than its predecessor,” Consumer Reports spokesman James McQueen said of the third-generation iPad.

“People need to exercise caution,” he continued. “We are not saying it is a dangerous product, but 116 degrees can be a little uncomfortable.”

Consumer reports said the new iPad got about 12 degrees warmer than the iPad 2 tablet while performing the same intensive tasks, such as videogames or downloading large files.

One rear corner of the new iPad appeared to be a hot spot.

Apple did not respond to AFP requests for comment, but prior to the release of the  thermal analysis issued a public statement saying that the new iPad operates “well within our thermal specifications.”

Operating temperatures of the latest iPads were hot topics among Apple gadget owners at online forums.

“It does get pretty warm,” a person using the screen name ShadowJeff wrote in a public chat at website MacRumors.com. “Hope Apple fixes it or something.”


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