Spain is like Morocco and many other North African countries. The Islamic civilization was at its sum-mum hence.

A través del Universo

This weekend was a sad one. I got some super crazy spanish flu and got stuck in bed all weekend. I was supposed to visit Ronda & Malaga with my program and all my friends, but que será será (what will be, will be) so I stayed in bed. I hopefully rested up enough to stay well for a long time since I have many trips planned for the next few weekends! My house mother has been so helpful and cute, she brings me tea and soup to my bed on a tray.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I have taken around town with my iphone!

(To make the pictures larger, click on them and then use the arrows to scroll through them)

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UK Gymnastics documentary

Harry Jerome

Harry Jerome (Photo credit: iceman9294)

I really enjoy her gymnastics 🙂 I hope many gymnasts learn from watching this docu that even if you are not in the spotlight doesn’t mean you are out of it. Hard work and sticking in there gives result in the end. I had a similar story myself back in ballet school where I always was 2nd or 3rd cast for things until one day I needed to jump in with two hours notice in a show. I made the most of that opportunity. Can’t wait for this summer now!!! Go Team GB! (and I’m a swede) 🙂 This is one of the best documentaries on sports I have ever seen. kristy922 il y a 7 mois 64