The sound of music – Do Re Mi Fa.

It’s amazing how “what we know to be ordinary things” can be so amazing when we start realizing that they aren’t ordinary at all – they’re extra ordinary.

some 4th grade students in the school where I work in Honduras were playing this song today on the recorder and I started to sing along with them. They had no idea the song had lyrics so I showed them this vid and they were like “That’s so cool!” lol then they said “hey that’s Marry Poppins and the lady from the movie about the princess of Genovia!” LOL Pretty cool moment =)

LaZafra1 said one day ago.

Julie Andrews is a former child actress and singer who made her Broadway debut in a 1954 production of The Boy Friend, and rose to prominence starring in musicals such as My Fair Ladyand Camelot, both of which earned her Tony Award nominations. In 1957, she made her television debut with the title role in Cinderella, which was seen by over 100 million viewers.

Andrews made her feature film debut in Mary Poppins (1964), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She received her second Academy Award nomination for The Sound of Music (1965). Adjusted for inflation, these two films are the 25th and 3rd highest grossing films of all time, respectively.[3] From 1964 to 1967, Andrews was the biggest film star in the world, with the additional box office successes of her films The Americanization of EmilyHawaiiTorn Curtain, and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

In the 1970s, Andrews’ film career slowed down following the commercial disappointments ofStar!Darling Lili, and The Tamarind Seed. She returned to prominence with the critical and commercial successes of 10 (1979) and Victor Victoria (1982), for which she received her third Academy Award nomination.


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