Brandon App Project

In March of last year, the non-profit corporation submitted a 200-page funding application to the federal Department of Canadian Heritage, seeking a contribution of $2,088,066 from the Harper government toward the projected cost of the project. The balance would come from the provincial government ($1,114,065), the City of Brandon ($474,000) and from society fundraising ($500,000)

The application was signed by Shandra MacNeill, Caldwell’s wife. In the BFMAS organizational chart, which forms part of the application, she is identified as the “Chair (Acting Artistic Director)” and as a member of its board of directors. Caldwell says it’s a volunteer position.

Under that funding scheme, taxpayers would contribute at least 88 per cent of the total cost of the project, but it would be wholly owned by the society on completion.

Of course, any map database is a huge project — the world is a big place. Apple’s in-house map database is the result of the purchase of three different mapping companies in recent years. This includes C3 Technologies, which has developed technology similar to Google’s Street View. But more importantly, it’s also developed an interesting 3-D technology based on, according to 9To5Mac, “beautiful, realisitic graphics based on de-classified missile target algorithms.” These algorithms allow quick and efficient construction of 3-D images. This 3-D view will be off by default in the new Maps app and can be enabled by the user. It will be fun to see this new Maps application.

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One thought on “Brandon App Project

  1. I have a Ph.D. in literature and writing, and a love of gizmos. I work part-time for iPhone Life magazine and really enjoy the people I work with, my iPad, and Apple’s visionary products. It feels like a revolution. My Ph.D. dissertation, completed long ago, focused on the revolutionary consequences of digital technologies and anticipated some of the things we’re seeing today.
    Jim Karpen said

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