Every one have to think twice before taking each meal

Glenn Pendlay

I think I hit a nerve yesterday. This little blog has limped along for the past year getting from 200 to a couple of thousand hits per day on posts about weightlifting, strength training, zombies, the occasional nice meal I cooked, or some amusing or meaningful thing that happened to me.

Then yesterday I posted that I was pissed about the whole diet situation in America and the post gets 17,000 hits within 24 hours and more comments than all the other posts I have put up within the past year put together.

I think some people misinterpreted just why I am so pissed. I got comments about people being free to do what they want and eat what they want, free choice, and some people apparently mad that I want to tell them what to do. And that wasn’t my point at all.

My point is this. We have…

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