Sara Blakely Turns $5,000 Into A Billion

The youngest self-made woman on the FORBES Billionaires list on how she earned her riches.

Wow, really like her energy. I remember reading about her years ago when Oprah first introduced Spanx and her subsequent success. Look at how far she had gone now.

luyungterd23 il y a 2 mois

I found this video to be so inspiring and I added it to WebToTheRescue[dot]com, a free Entrepreneurship website that I created. There’s so much that we can all learn from how Sara Blakely created Spanx. She’s an example of how a worldwide success can be launched with a lot of hard work and tremendous perseverance – on a shoestring.

webtotherescue il y a 1 mois

The “Love” of Money is the root of all Evil. The Bible never said Money is the root of all evil. The emphasis here is “The Love” . Greed can be described as the Love of Money. We all know where Greed brought us! Greed is BAD. 1 Timothy 6:10

paulaloovideos il y a 1 semaine


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