A Jamboree in Baden-Wüttenberg

At Düsseldorf I was delightfully surprised by the warm wellcoming of the friends up there, particularly how the hugging between the friends was, so exiting that the shared happiness was deeply touching and tears could have come to my eyes. After that we collected the luggage in a van belonging to one from the Düsseldorf ?s scout group and we reached the upper floor in order to catch the train leading to central town.

 We walked along several streets behind our guide to the club and there, we joined many German friends boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. A large room fully furnished gathered us. Later we’ve taken a rest on a lawn in the garden until tea time, fully tired after a long ride on foot through the main streets leading to a high tower ?Rheinturm? that gives a beautiful overview of the ?Rhein? river and a big part of the town.

 After dinner each two or three Tunisian lads or girls were designed to join a guest family in order to spend the night. Daby and me followed Florian who took us home in a van. Then we got upstairs in his flat. After a short rest we went down town for a short walking and to buy postal stamps for a letter that I managed to write during the rest time after lunch to be sent to my family in Tunisia next morning.

 On Sunday we’ve taken the breakfast at Florian’s then we went down town for a morning walk through the streets and many other interesting sites. We’ve been discovering the river shore and the bridge near the church and the harbour. Some ships were loading huge boxes; others were empty and heading to the north probably to carry other stuff.

 Few people this Sunday morning were riding bikes here and there. A large public garden was beautifully green full of grass, benches spread everywhere appeal riders to take a rest in the shade. The morning was shiny and silent; we sat on the stares near the river a place chosen to meet the whole group before visiting the town.

Through Düsseldorf

 At ten everybody was ready and we started to play on the grass. Tunisians and German scouts and guides making two fighting groups. The joke was extremely funny and some bit tiring. An hour later two official guides were presented. One who speaks German went with the German scouts and the other who speaks French went with the Tunisian scouts and guides.

 We began by visiting the ?Düssel?, river that had given its name to the town ?Düsseldorf?.Through the history churches were built and monuments represent nowadays the long struggle between Germans and Foreigners and on the other hand between Catholics and Protestants.

 Lovely cafés and bars invite tourists from many German regions or foreign towns to appreciate the particular beer well known in this historical town. It was lunchtime and the whole restaurants on both sides of the streets were crowded and you can smell different kinds of tasty food along our going by. At the end of the visit we walked along the riverside until we reached a grassy public garden where we may picnic, take lunch and rest. In the shade under a tree, boys and girls sat around to eat cold meal with fruit and drinks. Meanwhile on the roads across the park bikes of different sizes went up and down the bridge riding happily in a sunny Sunday. Thereafter we went back to the club building were we spent nice time playing or making some scout activities until dinnertime. Finally my friend Daby and me followed Florian on foot to his flat. It was slightly raining but we went on. At home Florian?s sister spent with us a short time in the living room, I mailed home using the Internet and then said good night.

 Travel to Hauenstein

 On Monday we have to take the bus in order to camp in the woods near Hauenstein. The way was long and we arrived over there at about four o?clock in the afternoon. We started by building the tents before the rainfall, however, drops of rain begun falling just when the last tent has been built. We took dinner in a big black tent then on the wet grass we came up to light a nice campfire around which we spent the first outdoor night, singing scout songs. German guides with guitars and Tunisians with an Arabic guitar”‘OUD” the fresh air smoothed by the wooden fire spread to our corps a nice feeling of happiness.

 The next day we started woodcuttings, construction of useful means to make the tents more furnished and easy to live in. The sightseeing all around was extremely beautiful with mountain forests and cloudy sky. It was actually a sight for sore eyes Near our camp there were children of different ages between seven and fourteen made a lot of noise by listening to loudspeakers and pop music. Sometimes their screaming or hands clapping was clearly heard through the silent of the green wood.

 On the second day we went after lunch for hiking through the forest. It took us the whole afternoon walking in paths in the large forest. Very beautiful sightseeings were appreciated by the way. The most interesting place was upon a very high stone overviewing the little town ?Hauenstein? with its nice red roofs and white walls. Arriving at the camp, tired as we were, it was hard to stay for so long around the campfire that night.

 The next day we had to choose between climbing and shopping in a small town not very far from our camp. I took the bus to go shopping. We were very delighted to discover a pretty town very clean and beautiful. On the way back to the camp we crossed the other group who has chosen climbing. They told that they have much enjoyed the exercises and learned a lot about the art of climbing mountains.


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