Oriental Express, korea no.1 jazz

Ajoutée par youngchoi1 le 26 déc. 2007
Jumping without moving- Oriental Express 오리엔탈익스프레스
퓨전재즈,퓨전국악,오리엔탈익스프레스 , OrientalExpress, Last minute
KOUS Concert 2007.11.14

With a very similar line-up to Stone Jazz mixing traditional Korean instruments with a modern jazz backline, comparisons are perhaps inevitable. Both are instrumental jazz-fusion bands featuring a haegeum (Korean violin) and gayageum (Korean table harp). The Oriental Express backline sounds more “electric” with electric bass and keyboards and the style is smoother without the quirky surprises that Stone Jazz use to tease their audiences. However, don’t let the smooth style lull you to sleep, there are some lovely and subtle arrangements and the evocative sounds of the haegeum and gayageum are just enchanting.


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