Yosemite National Park in California U.S.A

“I have watched the animals disappear for hundreds of miles around Yosemite because of automobile tourism. they drive the long distance, run over the animals, and throw out their trash. hardly anything left to kill now. so many once common species now rare or gone. tourism sucks the life out of special places, especially when consumers drive. only reason the park is open is because the govt. is greedy for that $. privileged people who work there just suck govt. tit. . .”
guyglowmore1 has written

Yosemite is one of the largest and least fragmented habitat blocks in the Sierra Nevada, and the park supports a diversity of plants andanimals. The park has an elevation range from 2,127 to 13,114 feet (648 to 3,997 m) and contains five major vegetation zones:chaparral/oak woodland, lower montane forest, upper montane forestsubalpine zone, andalpine. Of California’s 7,000 plant species, about 50% occur in the Sierra Nevada and more than 20% within Yosemite. There is suitable habitat or documentation for more than 160 rare plants in the park, with rare local geologic formations and unique soils characterizing the restricted ranges many of these plants occupy


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