Jane Eyre Audiobook by Charlotte Bronte Part 1

Jane Eyre (1943 film)

Jane Eyre (1943 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautifully read. Thank you for contributing your time & literary talent in deeming this a book you would read to others. I really appreciate that you included the text as it was narrated. I thoroughly enjoyed following along & it kept my mind from wandering. I have only seen movies on Jane Eyre, the book is sooo much better, & now when I finish, I will re watch a movie & will glean much more from it. My deepest appreciation~ ***** 5stars!


  • thanks so much this is on my A level reading list and we have to read as many as possible before september and listening to them really speeds things up and will allow me to keep ahead so thank you very much for posting this 🙂

    Mitca006 il y a 2 mois

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  • Very cool! Go to our channel and check out the link for an alphabetical listing of all our books.

    CCProse en réponse à : Mitca006


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