Communism and Socialism are NOT the SAME

The GOP and Mitt Romney may want to return to industrial capitalism. Pay attention to the video to discover what that means. You may be shocked and decide that some socialist policies are necessary to protect the quality of life for most people that do not have the benefit of achieving great wealth.

As an economic system, socialism seeks to manage the economy through deliberate and collective social control. Communism, however, seeks to manage both the economy and the society by ensuring that property is owned collectively and that control over the distribution of resources is centralized to achieve both classlessness and statelessness. Under communism, all people are considered equal and are provided for equally, regardless of their contributions to the economy or to society.

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Sandy Storm hit New York

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US President Barack Obama has declared a “major disaster” in New York state after storm Sandy smashed into the US East Coast, causing flooding and cutting power to millions.

A record 4m (13ft) tidal surge sent seawater cascading into large parts of New York City’s subway system.

Across the city, a power sub-station exploded, a hospital was evacuated and fire destroyed 50 homes.

At least 32 people are reported dead across several US states.

After the storm on 2nd Nov.

Barbara PlettBBC News, New York

It is day four of the superstorm crisis and the city is shuddering back to life – but slowly. Transport is one of the main problems. Part of the subway system that is the lifeline of the city has reopened but no trains are running in the business hub of Lower Manhattan, where the electricity is still out, or under the East River to the outer boroughs, because the tunnels are still flooded.


What Seafood Idioms? | Learn English

It’s so nice to hear real English (and spoken so well and beautifully!).
Most of the English lessons that I see on the internet are given by Americans. When I go abroad, all the foreigners speak English with an American accent.
I so love the beautiful English accent!
I have to ask which county your accent comes from??
satsumamoon said

World Muslims Prepare for Eid Al-Adha Festival

Muslims prepare for the “Feast of the Sacrifice” that they consider the most important holiday in the Islamic calendar, which commemorates God‘s gift of a ram in substitute for Abraham‘s impending sacrifice of his son

Abraham didn’t kill his son. God tested him to see if he was willing to obey anything God told him to do. God provided a ram for the sacrifice at the last moment and Abraham didn’t have to kill his own son.

One Young World

The premier global forum for young people of leadership calibre. It manifests the reality of common humanity and the shared existence of all the peoples in one world, Its purpose is to connect and bring together the youngest, brightest and best and to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard.


le sanctuaire de Lourdes

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Des pluies diluviennes se sont abattues sur le piémont des Pyrénées. Le bas de la ville de Lourdes et le sanctuaire ont été submergés par la crue du Gave de Pau. Ces images ont été prises dans le sanctuaire, samedi 20 octobre 2012 entre 17h30 et 18h30. Le niveau du Gave avait déjà baissé de 50 centimètres par rapport à un pic enregistré à midi. A midi, par exemple, l’eau recouvrait totalement l’autel de la Grotte ! Les portes d’entrée du sanctuaire ont été fermées jusqu’à nouvel ordre. La décrue devrait s’amorcer demain. Il faudra ensuite nettoyer le sanctuaire en commençant par la Grotte. Les responsables du sanctuaire prennent toutes les mesures de sécurité qui s’imposent en lien direct avec la préfecture des Hautes-Pyrénées. La crue record de 1937 semble avoir été égalée. Une vidéo de L. Jarneau diffusée sur TV Lourdes pour le site officiel des Sanctuaires

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Ronan Parke – Britain’s ….

Britain’s Got Talent: 12-year-old Ronan is nervous about performing to the judges – but not as nervous as his mum! Armed with a good set of lungs and a day off school – has young Ronan got what the judges are looking for? See more at

The 13-year-old has joined Britain’s Got Talent rival Jai McDowall on the Sony scrapheap after his £1million contract was torn up.
The Norfolk lad was the victim of an online bullying campaign after allegations that Cowell ‘groomed’ him to appear on BGT. A spokesman for Parke insisted the singer had made the decision last month to go in a ‘different direction’.
Sony released Parke’s eponymous debut in October, which peaked at No.22 in the British charts.
McDowall, who beat Parke to the BGT 2011 crown was dumped by Cowell in March, also after one album.
A spokesman for Sony confirmed it was not going to proceed with another album with Ronan but ‘wished him all the best’. Insiders blamed flagging record sales for the move.

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How do you find good music?

Hello everyone, today we are honored to share with you all the first video from our new CD/DVD titled, “PFC2: Songs Around the World”. This video is a version of “Redemption Song” performed around the world in honor of Bob Marley’s birthday. We have reunited Bob with his son Stephen and the support of the entire planet. In this song there is a felling of rising above the past and moving forward with love in our hearts and hope in our eyes.

NFC: Bezahlen mit dem Handy

Bezahlen im Supermarkt, Ein- und Auschecken bei öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln, Bestellen im Restaurant: All das geht demnächst mit dem Handy, dank des neuen Funkstandards NFC. Doch Datenschützer sehen die neue Technik kritisch. Mehr dazu unter,,16171843,00.html

Electric Taxis in Paris


Electric Scooter Taxis in ParisIf you find yourself in Paris and need a taxi to move around the city without luggage, think of City Bird’s Electri-Cityservice. City Bird itself is the first French motorcycle taxi service, and they have just added a couple of Vectrix electric scooters to their fleet.

Because of the limited range of the electric scooters, they can only be booked to go to locations inside of the city. Of course, you could always take the subway, or walk, or cycle. But if you need to go somewhere quickly and still want to see the city, this seems like the way to go.