Sandy Storm hit New York

Publiée le 30 oct. 2012 par Sandwellnews
US President Barack Obama has declared a “major disaster” in New York state after storm Sandy smashed into the US East Coast, causing flooding and cutting power to millions.

A record 4m (13ft) tidal surge sent seawater cascading into large parts of New York City’s subway system.

Across the city, a power sub-station exploded, a hospital was evacuated and fire destroyed 50 homes.

At least 32 people are reported dead across several US states.

After the storm on 2nd Nov.

Barbara PlettBBC News, New York

It is day four of the superstorm crisis and the city is shuddering back to life – but slowly. Transport is one of the main problems. Part of the subway system that is the lifeline of the city has reopened but no trains are running in the business hub of Lower Manhattan, where the electricity is still out, or under the East River to the outer boroughs, because the tunnels are still flooded.



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