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Chinese Cupping Therapy—Does it work?

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I have been aware of cupping for some time, because I married into a Chinese family and one of my wife’s sisters used this method of Chinese medicine.

However, I didn’t pay much attention to cupping until I wrote a post about Gwyneth Paltrow being Popular in China.

Researching the Gwyneth Paltrow post, I discovered that she believes in Chinese medicine and has used cupping. She even told Oprah, “It feels amazing and it’s very relaxing, and it feels terrific. It’s just one of the alternative medicines that I do instead of taking antibiotics.”

The history of Chinese cupping dates from 281 AD. It was an ancient Taoist medical practice and was widely used in the courts of Imperial China at the time.  Its administration was first recorded by Ge Hong in an ancient tract called Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies.

In fact, medical education in China was elevated to a…

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Nice blog, I experienced much of.

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They’re not my kids anymore, but they’ll always be mine.

True, I don’t see them day in, day out like I did the year that they were in my classroom. But there are still snatches of time during the day where we can reconnect–a quick conversation as we pass each other in the hall, first thing in the morning when my classroom has more former students than current students.

In my mind, they’re just slightly taller versions of the child I saw every day for ten months, maybe with a few more teeth and a different hairstyle. But then I’m reminded that they’ve been thrown into a whole new existence.

The testing world.

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