Robots! The future is near.

Robotic systems perform many functions such as repetitive tasks performed in research. These range from the multiple repetitive tasks made by gene samplers and sequencers, to systems which can almost replace the scientist in designing and running experiments, analysing data and even forming hypotheses. The ADAM at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales can “[make] logical assumptions based on information programmed into it about yeast metabolism and the way proteins and genes work in other species. It then set about proving that its predictions were correct.”[4]

Autonomous scientific robots perform tasks which humans would find difficult or impossible, from the deep sea to outer space. The Woods Hole Sentry can descend to 4,500 metres and allows a higher payload as it does not need a support ship or the oxygen and other facilities demanded by human piloted vessels.[5] Robots in space include the Mars rovers which could carry out sampling and photography in the harsh environment of the atmosphere on Mars


Aaron Swartz – The Network Transformation

TO CALL Aaron Swartz gifted would be to miss the point. As far as the internet was concerned, he was the gift. In 2001, aged just 14, he helped develop a new version of RSS feeds, which enable blog posts, articles and videos to be distributed easily across the web. A year later he was working with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the world wide web, and others on enhancing the internet through the Semantic Web, in which web-page contents would be structured so that the underlying data could be shared and reused across different online applications and endeavours. At the same time he was part of a team, composed of programmers like himself (albeit none quite as youthful), lawyers and policy wonks, that launched Creative Commons, a project that simplified information-sharing through free, easy-to-use copyright licences.

Most of this he did for little or no compensation. One exception was Reddit, though he later sounded almost contrite about the riches showered on him and his colleagues by Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue and over a dozen other prominent lifestyle magazines, which bought the popular social news site in 2006. In any case, he wasn’t a good fit for corporate life, he said, and left a few months later—or, depending on whom you talk to, was asked to leave. But the cash did let him focus on his relentless struggle to liberate data for online masses to enjoy for free.

For although programming was his first love, campaigning was his true vocation. He co-founded Demand Progress, a group that rails against internet censorship and which played a prominent role in the online campaign last year that helped to scupper proposed anti-piracy legislation supported by Hollywood film studios and other content owners. HisGuerrilla Open Access Manifesto of 2008 presaged—and perhaps inspired—recent threats by academics to shun journals that charge readers for access.

Remembering Aaron Swartz, Honoring a Pioneer & Activist

Curiosity Finds River Rocks and River Beds on Mars

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NASA’s Curiosity rover mission has found evidence a stream once flowed across the area on Mars where the rover is driving. There is earlier evidence for the presence of water on Mars, but this evidence — images of rocks containing ancient streambed gravels — is the first of its kind. 

Scientists are studying the images of stones cemented into a layer of conglomerate rock. The sizes and shapes of stones offer clues to the speed and distance of a long-ago stream’s flow. Continue reading

Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T.

15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering whiz living in Sierra Leone who scours the trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators and transmitters. Completely self-taught, Kelvin has created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker, DJ Focus.

Kelvin became the youngest person in history to be invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT. THNKR had exclusive access to Kelvin and his life-changing journey – experiencing the US for the first time, exploring incredible opportunities, contending with homesickness, and mapping out his future.

What do YOU Think about TECH 24?

The new technologies and their impact on our society. Every Wednesday at 16h15 (Paris Time) – Presented by Rebecca BOWRING and Eric OLANDER, Internet specialist.
Digital technology is now at the centre of many important world events, impacting everything from politics to economics to culture. TECH 24 hosts Rebecca Bowring and Eric Olander break it all down and explore the week’s key trends and technology news.

Well, I’ve been on the Mac since 1988. I have an iPad, an iPod and an iPhone and I’m perfectly happy. Microsoft who?

NoeliePoelie (as my grandchildren call me)

Noel Mooney said


NFC: Bezahlen mit dem Handy

Bezahlen im Supermarkt, Ein- und Auschecken bei öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln, Bestellen im Restaurant: All das geht demnächst mit dem Handy, dank des neuen Funkstandards NFC. Doch Datenschützer sehen die neue Technik kritisch. Mehr dazu unter,,16171843,00.html

Electric Taxis in Paris


Electric Scooter Taxis in ParisIf you find yourself in Paris and need a taxi to move around the city without luggage, think of City Bird’s Electri-Cityservice. City Bird itself is the first French motorcycle taxi service, and they have just added a couple of Vectrix electric scooters to their fleet.

Because of the limited range of the electric scooters, they can only be booked to go to locations inside of the city. Of course, you could always take the subway, or walk, or cycle. But if you need to go somewhere quickly and still want to see the city, this seems like the way to go.


Cockpit A330 Lufthansa Approche-Atterrissage Seattle


Vues cockpit Airbus A330 de Lufthansa sur une ligne Frankfurt/Seattle. Ici approche final sur Seattle International.

I found it interesting that German pilots speak English more clearly that the American Air Traffic Controllers, particularly the woman they commented about several times. Germans are very precise people…exactly what you would like in an airline pilot.

An all round great video. Well done!!!!! Very enjoyable.

Sehr professionell! Echt cool zu sehen!