“L’Eveil d’une Nation”


موهبة وآفاق

موهبة و آفاق     ة 1وقد بلغ الطفل مختار سن الثامنة من عمره. وتملكه آنذاك شغف بمشاهدة المناظر الطبيعية على حساب الدراسة في الكُــتاب وكان يقضي غالب أوقاته يصعد إلى أعلى ربوة تسمى بظهر الكدية ببنزرت. ويبقى هناك الساعات الطوال يتأمل الطبيعة الزاهية

 إفتح الرابط بالضغط على النص أعلاه.

Robots! The future is near.

Robotic systems perform many functions such as repetitive tasks performed in research. These range from the multiple repetitive tasks made by gene samplers and sequencers, to systems which can almost replace the scientist in designing and running experiments, analysing data and even forming hypotheses. The ADAM at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales can “[make] logical assumptions based on information programmed into it about yeast metabolism and the way proteins and genes work in other species. It then set about proving that its predictions were correct.”[4]

Autonomous scientific robots perform tasks which humans would find difficult or impossible, from the deep sea to outer space. The Woods Hole Sentry can descend to 4,500 metres and allows a higher payload as it does not need a support ship or the oxygen and other facilities demanded by human piloted vessels.[5] Robots in space include the Mars rovers which could carry out sampling and photography in the harsh environment of the atmosphere on Mars


Plants at Home.

9 Plants That Create Positive Energy In Your Home!


How music is fun

I love this song me and my sister love it the song that you are singing is so so sad it almost makes me cry so bad I like your violin how you play it and i love the singer and I like your hairstyle so much!!!! I love the song like I love your voice, I  wish I can meet you.