Marine Animals Are Dying

these animals are in danger from plastic pollution: heres how you can help

Like many other marine animals, sea turtles mistake plastic waste for a viable food source, sometimes causing blockages in their digestive system. Though the declining sea turtle populations in the oceans are due to a variety of factors (most all of which involve human exploitation), plastic pollution plays a significant role.


World’s largest human migration will kick off soon

China’s ministry of transport says around 700 million people, more than half of China’s population, will make 2.85 billion road, rail, air and ferry trips around the spring festival, as the holiday period is called. Even though extra services are laid on, many travelers have to queue overnight to secure a ticket.

The Soil Solution Film

What if a solution to climate change was just beneath your feet? Sustainable World Media visits with farmers, scientists, and educators who are exploring the connection of soil fertility to water quality, food security, and carbon sequestration. Produced by Jill Cloutier and Carol Hirashima.

Schematic showing both terrestrial and geologi...

Schematic showing both terrestrial and geological sequestration of carbon dioxide emissions from a coal-fired plant. Rendering by LeJean Hardin and Jamie Payne. Source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


CrashCourse Biology:Photosynthesis

“A great writer reveals the truth even when he or she does not wish to”.TOM BISSELL

Hank explains the extremely complex series of reactions whereby plants feed themselves on sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and also create some by products we’re pretty fond of as well.

Table of Contents:
1) Water 1:16
2) Carbon Dioxide 1:32
3) Sunlight/Photons 1:43
4) Chloroplasts 1:57
5) Light Reaction/Light-Dependent 2:42
a. Photosystem II 3:33
b. Cytochrome Complex 5:54
c. ATP Synthase 6:16
d. Photosystem7:06
6) Dark Reactions/Light-Independent 7:55
a. Phase 1 – Carbon Fixation 8:50
b. Phase 2 – Reduction 11:31
c. Phase 3 – Regeneration 12:02

I watched this video…and then, the next day, a girl in my bio mentioned CHEMICALS. IN THE SAME WHINY VOICE AS HANK.

Jessie Bryan said

he only reason I’m passing biology is because of crash course. Crash course teaches better than my teacher.

ThePalindrone said


Community Awards from BCLC founder

On April 12, 2011, Stephen Jordan described the four-year-old Siemens Sustainable Community Awards, the importance of public-private partnerships for sustainability, and the rise of the business of sustainability.


Throughout the country, local governments, chambers of commerce, economic development authorities, and other organizations have taken tremendous steps to improve quality of life, be a steward of the environment, and increase the ability to sustain a successful community for generations to come. These efforts deserve national recognition. The Siemens Sustainable Community Awards program provides that national platform for recognition and information-sharing.

Demopolis Lock Whirlpools!

Don’t be afraid.

Ajoutée par  le  7 juil. 2011

Video of Demopolis Lock filling it’s chamber with water so a boat can be locked going upstream. These whirlpools are formed on the river that runs near Demopolis, Alabama. These are NOT naturally occurring whirlpools and instead occur because large pipes under the water suck water into the area behind me (not seen in video until I turn to walk off the bridge/platform area, it’s the place to the left) and fill it with water so boats can easily navigate the river without having to load/unload boats onto higher/lower areas all the time.

I wanted to record the entirety of this video because I never knew what a whirlpool looked like when it was forming. Honestly, I think that’s the most interesting part – not the fact that they are A) So big B) TWO of them and C) THEY ARE SPINNING OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. 😀

This video is meant for educational purposes. Teachers: Go ahead, use it in class. I know I’ve already had a couple of my high school teachers want to show it in class and I gave them the go ahead. I’d prefer if people not to reproduce this video content unless they are making an educational video in which this is being used as an example.

Have fun guys and gals, and I hope that this is a better description than was here before.