The future of learning

At 2Revolutions, we are partnering with forward-thinking governments, funders, nonprofits and entrepreneurs to innovate across the human capital continuum – to ensure that each learner can be successful on the path he or she chooses. We design and launch Future of Learning models, and help catalyze the conditions within which they can thrive. If you are involved — or want to become involved — in building the Future of Learning

A Little More Education, a Little Longer Life?

Long-term study found an association between the two
By Barbara Bronson Gray
HealthDay Reporter
MONDAY, May 14 (HealthDay News) — It’s graduation season, and new research offers yet another reason to congratulate someone who has completed at least nine years of education: They’re likely to live longer.
An unusual, comprehensive study involving 1.2 million Swedes shows that students who were exposed to nine years of education rather than eight had a lower mortality rate after age 40. While the finding suggests an association between level of education and longevity, it does not establish a cause-and-effect link.

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Disciplined father

This is very comic!…: “Yes , sir!”

MusicalMerle il y a 3 mois 33 

When I first saw this scene I really disliked the Captain, I suppose because of the way he wouldn’t allow his children to play. Im glad he came round when he saw his children sing, at that point I started to like him.

broman178 il y a 2 mois 3 

Who in their right mind can dislike this??? No matter how many times I watch this movie, I fall in love with it all over again.

VictoriaDJ il y a 1 mois 15 


Maria came to the von Trapp family in 1926 as a tutor for one of the children, Maria, who was recovering from scarlet fever, not as governess to all the children.

Georg, far from being the detached, cold-blooded patriarch of the family who disapproved of music, as portrayed in the first half of The Sound of Music, was actually a gentle, warmhearted parent who enjoyed musical activities with his family. While this change in his character might have made for a better story in emphasizing Maria’s healing effect on the von Trapps, it distressed his family greatly.

The family did not secretly escape over the Alps to freedom in Switzerland, carrying their suitcases and musical instruments. As daughter Maria said in a 2003 interview printed in Opera News, “We did tell people that we were going to America to sing. And we did not climb over mountains with all our heavy suitcases and instruments. We left by train, pretending nothing.”

The von Trapps traveled to Italy, not Switzerland. Georg was born in Zadar (now in Croatia), which at that time was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Zadar became part of Italy in 1920, and Georg was thus an Italian citizen, and his wife and children as well. The family had a contract with an American booking agent when they left Austria. They contacted the agent from Italy and requested fare to America.

Education “The times are a changing”

Just as the invention of print took one’s memory, the invention of the computer will take one’s brain (if you let it). Oh yes, and don’t forget about data mining our brains for profit too! Weigh the benefits, and balance out with historical knowledge (learn from the past). Are we creating scatter brains, with attention deficit disorder? Will we need medication for this too? Thanks for the video.

Vastvisionist said

Purpose of schools

Examples of the purpose of schools include:[3] develop reasoning about perennial questions, master the methods of scientific inquiry, cultivate the intellect, create positive change agents, develop spirituality, and model a democratic society.

One Laptop per Child gets upgrade

Watch the video on BBC News

The One Laptop per Child mission has been working for a number of years to get low-cost computers to school children who would not otherwise be able to afford them.
Marc Cieslak looks at their new device which adds touch screen capabilities to the budget machine.

Super users

At the end of 2011, 10 percent of mobile users are using up 90 percent of wireless bandwith, this super/extreme users mostly use a laptop with 64 percent share, and is followed by 33 percent of smartphone users (exclude a few iPad users). According to Ericsson, the super users watch videos 40 percent of the time

Random Act of Kindness

How fun to be kind
Give yourself the gift of kindness – volunteer in your community or join a local cause. Helping others can help us feel better about ourselves (and it’s contagious!).


My friend just walked through the snowy streets to bring me a freshly brewed cup of tea as she knows I am not feeling well today. A lovely Random Act of Kindness! I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

Space Camp Training

Crew Trainer Applicant Information


Completion of 30 college credit hours (as a minimum) – ANY MAJOR!
Minimum age requirement of at least 20 years old.
Some experience working with children or young adults.
3 complete reference forms.
Most recent school transcript or degree. unofficial transcripts are acceptable
Completion of training program

Re:  Recently my daughter and I got the chance to go to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. It was such an amazing experience. It was not only a great daddy daughter time but we also learned a ton about the space program past, present, and future.