World’s largest human migration will kick off soon

China’s ministry of transport says around 700 million people, more than half of China’s population, will make 2.85 billion road, rail, air and ferry trips around the spring festival, as the holiday period is called. Even though extra services are laid on, many travelers have to queue overnight to secure a ticket.


The largest factory in the world

Now that China is nearing its goal—in about 15 years China’s middle class will outnumber the entire population of the United States—it has an excess of steel and is exporting that excess at lower prices to other countries creating stiff competition across the globe. For instance, the ISSB reports that from 2013 to 2014 China increased its steel exports by 53% from 57.9 million to 88.6 million tonnes while the United States saw a 5% drop in its steel exports.

With the United States so obsessed to be #1 in everything—except for reducing the poverty rate—its capitalist oligarchs must be obsessively stressed out and worried that they are going to lose their Imperial crowns.

Wenn ich mal am Boden bin und nicht mehr weiter weiß,höre ich mir das Lied an schaue das Video und weiß warum ich eigendlich lebe es gibt schlimmeres
Es lohnt sich immer weiter zu kämpfen egal wie bitter das leben sein kann einen Ausweg gibt es immer…………….

braun michael said

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Cockpit A330 Lufthansa Approche-Atterrissage Seattle


Vues cockpit Airbus A330 de Lufthansa sur une ligne Frankfurt/Seattle. Ici approche final sur Seattle International.

I found it interesting that German pilots speak English more clearly that the American Air Traffic Controllers, particularly the woman they commented about several times. Germans are very precise people…exactly what you would like in an airline pilot.

An all round great video. Well done!!!!! Very enjoyable.

Sehr professionell! Echt cool zu sehen!


The classroom, but not as we know it

IT’S the kind of futuristic technology familiar from sci-fi films, but touch screen tables, robot study buddies and 3D virtual learning environments could soon feature in the classroom.

The high-tech developments were highlighted at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences at the University of Sydney, which focused on the future of learning. The new approaches could be ”revolutionising our classes and the way children learn within five years”, Professor of Education at the university and conference co-chair, Peter Reimann, said.

Judy Kay, Professor of Computer Science at the university and a principal in the Computer Human Adapted Interaction team, has been developing software for interactive tabletops and wall displays.

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Düsseldorfer Innenstadt 2011

This has to be early spring since there are no leaves on the ground. Looks like a nice city. Mein grosvater stamt aus Dusseldorf! I got as close as Koln. Hope to visit Ddorf and Essen sometime.

Joseph Kretschmer il y a 2 mois

Nee, keine Background-Musik bitte!! Ich finde es immer schade, wenn so eine praktische Sammlung von Bilder zusammengefasst wird, aber nachdem mit Musik hinübergelegt wird, die unpassend ist oder einfach nicht zu meinem Geschmack ist und mir nicht gefällt. Besser für die Zuschauer, dass wir unsere eigenen Soundtracks mit iTunes oder auf Kopfhörer bekämen.

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Shell’s Chief Scientists

A Shell gas station near Lost Hills, Californi...

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Shell‘s Chief Scientists are thought leaders in their own specialised areas. Meet them to see how they work to drive innovation forward — often with expert partners from industry and academia. They discuss how industry, governments and society must work together to tackle the challenge of meeting rising energy needs with lower CO2 emissions. With the faster development of technologies over recent years, they suggest that the industry could be on the brink of a technology revolution.

China seeks ‘breakthroughs’ in developing shale-gas resources

  Mar 13, 2012 – 10:53 AM ET

China, holder of the world’s biggest shale-gas resources, is gauging reserves and acquiring exploration expertise as it seeks “breakthroughs” in developing the unconventional fuel in the 10 years ending 2025.

The foundation for using gas found in shale formations will be laid by 2015, Liu Tienan, head of the National Energy Administration, said in Beijing today while attending a session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the country’s top political advisory body.

China, which has yet to produce shale gas commercially, aims to triple the use of natural gas by 2020 to 10 percent of energy consumption to curb pollution. The country plans to start developing shale-gas resources by 2015, and accelerate its extraction by the end of the decade, the Ministry of Land and Resources said on March 1.