Justin Beeber The Beloved?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the 2011 ESPY Awards
Listen to Justin (Love me)

Justin Bieber   

At a Glance

  • Age: 17
  • Source: Music
  • Hometown: Stratford, Canada, Canada
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Big Break: Baby, 2010


Though he may not know where Germany is, the cherubic crooner has attained international superstardom: his new albumMy Life 2.0 quickly attained platinum status, his concert movieNever Say Never grossed $100 million globally and Bieber’s live shows around the world bring in $600,000 in gross ticket sales per night. The music video for Bieber’s hit song “Baby” has been viewed a YouTube record 500 million times.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that someone who is uber-famous, horrifically rich, horrendously popular, and a genuine A-grade celebrity is, well…human. […] more>>

Kiri Blakeley, Contributor

Look what happened to britney spears? she was big and famous back when she was younger but soon she fell off the face of the planet but then she got back up on her feet again and brought her career back. and the same thing will happen to justin beiber. just my opinion.

Brittany said.


What Future?

Is revolution always good?

There have been an amazing number of revolutions and uprisings in the world this year. Are they always good events? What makes a revolution a progressive or regressive event?

How about our offsprings? What future is awating?

Many talenteous children have to be cared of.